McKinney v. United States Postal Service

The USPS Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) Class Action Lawsuit


A class action lawsuit has been settled and the settlement approved by the United States District Court for the District of Columbia concerning unpaid and underpaid life insurance benefits for deceased Postal Service employees. If you or someone you know is the relative or beneficiary of a deceased former USPS employee, you may be a member of the class and entitled to the payment of benefits.

A class was certified by the United States District Court for the District of Columbia in the matter of McKinney v. United States Postal Service (11-cv-631). The case involves adjusted life insurance benefits that the United States Postal Service (USPS) owes to beneficiaries of its former employees pursuant to its Annuity Protection Program. In some cases portions of the benefits were paid decades late, and in some cases they were not paid at all. On March 28, 2011, Pamela McKinney filed this class action lawsuit on behalf of herself and other beneficiaries of Postal Service employees to recover the unpaid benefits for those who were never paid, and to recover interest on the payments that USPS delayed for as long as 30 years.

Class members include beneficiaries of deceased United States Postal Service employees (or, if the beneficiaries are deceased, the beneficiaries’ estates, legatees, or other legal representatives), who may be entitled to an additional death benefit payment under provisions of the USPS Annuity Protection Program.

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